Hot off the ironic press

Sorry Mom if you are embarrassed that I am quoting you for the whole wide web to see, but the irony was just too much.

Yesterday being my birthday, I got an email from home containing the following excerpt:

Dad told me you were having a BBQ with lots of friends on the beach.  Glad you stayed out of the water… don’t need any shark stories in your blog! 🙂

While at the beach for said birthday BBQ, we also received rumors of the following true news story developing on another beach about 45 mins away:

The headline is: “Shark rips off surfer’s leg”

I’ll let your imaginations or French skills tell you the rest of the story.

Update and side note, I am using the word “ironic” now because of my new ironic hipster moustache.  Photos to follow.


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One response to “Hot off the ironic press

  1. Uncle Eric

    Hey Nathan! A belated happy birthday wish to you. Seems like an island in the “pirate infested waters of the Indian Ocean” (also from your mom) is a nice place to celebrate a birthday. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to hearing the stories of your adventures this summer. Have a great day!!

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