The petrichor is in the air

For the first time in three months of living in Saint-Pierre, today it rained.  For an island which holds world records for rainfall (several feet of rain in 48 hours), it has been conspicuously dry, meaning that the conditions were just right for a fresh whiff of petrichor.

Over the summer, I worked with a Lebanese guy about my age, who always asks English speakers what their favorite words are.  It makes for good airplane conversations and helps build his vocabulary.  One of his favorite words gleaned from English-speaking travelers is “petrichor”,  or the pleasant scent that accompanies the first rain after a long dry spell.  You know that smell, of dewey vegetation, earthworms, and puddles.  The sudden coolness of heavy air, stirred by a shifting breeze.  This is petrichor, and it is still wafting about me as I type this from a random WiFi spot on the sidewalk along my street.  (Our internet has been out for over two weeks.)  I really hope it doesn’t rain while I’m sitting here.

Now you know the word too.  Put it to use!

Sidenote, today was my last day of work of the semester.  I have 6 weeks of vacation ahead of me.  Paid.  This job is absurd.



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2 responses to “The petrichor is in the air

  1. Chris

    Jealous Nathan. Come visit me with some of your paid vacation. Or learn how to surf/windsurf.

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