Two funny observations about Reunionese Coca-Cola:  First off, a can of Coke will always be served with a straw.  Secondly, the can is actually weighted heavier at the bottom so that once finished, you feel like you still have more.  This inevitably leads to taking out the straw and craning your neck back to try to get out those imaginary last drops.  Honestly, it is really tricky.  The cans are so heavy and in just the right way such that you are always set up for a disappointing last sip.  Not cool.

Most of France is still on strike, by the way.  When I arrived at my high school for work on Friday morning, it became clear that something was not right.  The Creole dance party at the gate at 7am was the first indication.  Then we realized that the students had broken into the school and destroyed half the locks on the classroom doors with glue.  They continued to dance and generally make a lot of noise all morning, that is, until the headmaster came out to make an announcement: Saturday school – yes, they go to school on Saturdays here – is canceled because of their raucous behavior.  No one apprehended.  No detentions.  No official response from the administration concerning the vandalism besides giving them an extra long weekend.  (Monday is a national holiday called “Toussaint” – All Saint’s Day).  Imagine that happening at Noblesville High School?  Probably not.


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  1. sophie sines

    That all sounds uh….Very exciting. If that had happened in Noblesville, personally i would get kinda nervous. Hopefully it wont happen again, but who knows..

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