What’s next?

First it was the volcano.  Then came a historic wildfire on the west side of the island. High schoolers around the country are on strike and provoking intervention by riot police.  Then Wednesday afternoon I find out Saint Pierre is under a Tsunami Warning??  Apparently a massive swell triggered by the earthquake in Indonesia smashed into the Saint Pierre harbor some time in the middle of the night on Tuesday and sank a large number of boats.  The new apartment I have moved into is less than 100m from the shore and somehow I didn’t even know about this until well after the fact. (Here’s an article from the local paper: http://www.clicanoo.re/11-actualites/16-faits-divers/261955-tsunami-une-faille-dans-le-plan-de.html)

Since I last wrote, Reunion Island has gotten a lot more extreme.  Natural disasters for everyday of the week and mounting social tension as the French Senate continues passing the controversial Pension Reform.  I am supposed to be at school right now, but the teachers have gone on strike, so instead I’m at the beach.

Also, every October the island gears up for a giant race called the Grand Raid which takes place over several days.  Its a race for the craziest of the crazies.  You start running at midnight on the southeast coast of the island, pass the volcano (mind the lava), traverse the 10,000 foot peaks of the interior, and 165km later descend to the coast on the north side of the island.  Several thousand participants come from all over the world (meaning, mainland France) to run it, and it’s either very inspiring or makes you feel very lazy about yourself.

Here are some images from my past week:

A second night on the volcano.  We hitchhiked there from Saint Pierre holding pictures of the lava from the local newspaper to solicit drivers going in that direction.

The view from my new kitchen table.

The Volcano (Piton de la Fournaise) at dawn.
Saint Pierre, Reunion


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3 responses to “What’s next?

  1. Allison

    Are you signed up for the race yet? Should be no sweat for you after all the crazy things you did this summer!

    Crazy things happen in Vermont too. This article in Midd Magazine made me think of you and a heads-up that you gave Di and I last year when we were about to walk unwittingly around a corner outside of Ross.


    Warning: There is a rabbit on a leash in this story.

  2. malinda standerfer

    hey wow, these pics and posts are amazing. I am in Madame Piersons class. I am excited to hear more, it sounds amazing, exciting and thrilling all at the same time. I hope you have a great time

  3. Rachelle H

    Wow! What a lovely view. I wish i could wake up to something like that every morning. Here are you get is flat fields of grass. I would imagine all of the natural disasters would frighten you, but that is something that if you can see from a distance, would be something you could not even put into words. I hope you are having a wonderful experience!

    Ps: One Question. What kind of race is it?

    -NHS student

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