Midnight Dollar Menu

With a lot of international media talking about global currency competition, I thought I would mention a little known fact about the Euro.  Due to Reunion’s location two time zones east of Europe, it was the first place where the Euro officially became legal tender.  The story goes that the former mayor of the capital city, Saint Denis, was therefore the first person in the world to make a purchase with the Euro.  And what did he buy? A bag of lychees from a local market at 12:01 AM.  Lychee season hasn’t started yet so I can’t comment on whether I agree with his decision to make his historic purchase a bag of them.

Also a little known secret, Reunion is pictured on the Euro currency.  On the reverse side of all the bills, they show a map of Europe.  Along the bottom left, they also show the four overseas departments of France in the little boxes: French Guyana on the left, Guadeloupe on top, Martinique in the middle, and LA REUNION on the bottom.

Now you know.


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  1. MOM

    So, what are Lychees?

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